Kibana tile map not loading (trying to load from

I just created my first tile map. I have heat maps showing but there is no map. I've seen lots of similar questions to this but haven't seen any resolutions. I'm on kibana 5.2.1. If I select the "WMS compliant map server" option then the USGS maps load properly, but they don't zoom very much and don't show cities et al. When I run with chrome devtools running I see that kibana is trying to access, e.g.:


etc., and getting 404 response codes. What's going on here?

What settings are you using when you select WMS compliant map server?

Hi Joe, I'm totally new to kibana, I didn't adjust any settings. I only selected the checkbox "WMS compliant map server" and then I see a map. All the settings are on their defaults after setting up kibana:

WMS url*
WMS layers*
WMS version*
WMS format*
WMS attribution
Maps provided by USGS

There's a mistake, though, in my initial post. The kibana version apparently is 5.1. It is the AWS managed ES cluster.
The reason I know there's a problem is because on my 5.2.1 local install this works as expected (without the WMS map server).

I don't know why you're seeing requests to I checked the 5.2.1 codebase, but maybe there's a problem with the 5.1 version we shipped. I'm not at all familiar with what versions the AWS ES service is using, can you check to see what the patch version is?

I did notice that the the default WMS server, the one you see there, doesn't seem to work anymore, so that's probably why your maps are blank. Changing that to another valid WMS map service should fix it.

Seems like the old URL moved, try setting it to

I don't think I have access to the elastic/kibana machines in the aws cluster, so I wouldn't know how to see the patch version. Also maybe I was a bit confusing: I don't want the WMS server maps, but rather the default maps that work kibana uses. On my local install, this fetches tiles from (for example):


How can I get the 5.1 kibana to use as well?

Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood. I didn't realize you were using the USGS maps as an alternative to default maps only because the defaults maps were not working.

You mentioned that you're running on AWS, are you running on your own EC2 instances, or using the AWS Elasticsearch service? The later will not work with our tilemaps, but the former should.

No I'm using AWS ES service. Why won't it work there?

They aren't allowed to use our tilemap service, per the terms of service.

Who May Use Elastic Tile Service?
Only users of unmodified Kibana binaries obtained directly by Elastic or an authorized distribution point (e.g., downloads and GitHub) are allowed to use the Elastic Tile Service.

The version of Kibana they run on their hosted service is modified.

I also had the same issue. Is there a way around this issue?


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