Tile Map not showing map - just blank background

I'm trying to create my first tile map and have setup Logstash to pass in GeoIP data. Lat, Long and Location fields are showing within the Elasticsearch documents and I created a Tile Map.

I am getting the markers showing OK and can change types for shaded circles, heatmap etc but no map in the background. If I change to use a WMS Compliant Map Server it works but the default Kibana mapping does not work.

Has anybody experienced this? Any suggestions? I have already tried rebooting the server (all running on a single node as this is a test server before I implement on the Live cluster). My current thinking is that this could be due to Proxy/network configuration but am not sure how the Map detail is obtained and what communication would be required/how I would configure the proxy for it.

I'm running: -
Elasticsearch 2.1.0
Logstash 2.1.1
Kibana 4.3.0

Thanks in advance,


That's my guess too. If you open the developer tools in your browser and look at the network section, you can probably confirm that's the issue.

The tiles come from the mapquest cdn by default, which you can see here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/blob/master/src%2Fui%2Fpublic%2Fvislib%2Fvisualizations%2F_map.js#L11-L19

So make sure requests to https://otile{s}-s.mqcdn.com are permitted, where {s} is a number 1 through 4.

Hi @Joe_Fleming
Is it possible to preload tiles for the maps?
I know my data will only appear in a few states (US).
I don't need mapping data for the whole planet.
This addresses the issue of obtaining the external network connection for each map viewing in a visualization.

I don't believe so. You could achieve it using your own WMS server though, which would just cache tiles from some other source and serve them up yourself. Maybe pulling a set of tiles from OpenStreetMaps or Mapquest (check their ToS and license though) would be good enough for your needs? That's a little outside of my expertise, so I can't give you specifics on how to actually do that though.

We do expose visualization:tileMap:WMSdefaults in advanced settings in Kibana, so you can point it at your own server easily enough.