No Map displayed in a Tile Map Graph

i created a tale map visualization from a set of data. when i watch the result i have have all the hit point displayed over a blank screen, no word map displayed!!!! the navigation bar is displayed and also the openstreetmap link at the bottom of the screen...

i don t know what i have to check to solve this issue

thanks in advance

Which version of Kibana and ES are you using? Could you share a screenshot of what you're seeing?

i m running
logstash : 2.0.0
elasticsearch: 2.1.0

the server stucked this night, i rebooted it, and now its ok, i can see the world map in background of the graph.
i'm going to wait till tomorrow and if it is be ok i will close the ticket.

sorry for the bothering.

many thanks

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Now I have the same issue with Tile Map on Kibana 4.3, ES 2.1. No background world map. Both ES and Kibana have been restarted many times.