Kibana Tile Map not showing geo points

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As you can see (Figure 1), I hava an index with geo_point fields that can be showed in Discover. But that locations are not showed in Tile Map (Figure 2).

I've tried to restart kibana and elasticsearch with no success. I didn't find any error in both logs that could lead to the root cause.

The backgroup map is showed but with none points.

Anything I could do to solve it?


Figure 1

Figure 2

(Mark Walkom) #2

Did you apply that config after selecting the field?

(Samuel Lima) #3

Yes, I did, and saved it.

(Samuel Lima) #4

There was a mistake in the index mapping.

The maping was created with field location{lat, lon}.

Thereafter was created and index pattern with geo_ip.

It was easer finding the error after updating elasticsearch to 5.5.2 version because there were more explicit errors displayed on the browser.

Thanks all.

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