How can I change the type with the reindex api

I need to reindex some indices because of the update to version 6. The new index needs to be of the type "doc" because Logstash is writing to it. How can I do this when the type is different in the source index?

I normal call to reindex creates the same type in the destination index. This doesn't work.

What did you try? This?

POST _reindex
  "source": {
    "index": "twitter"
  "dest": {
    "index": "new_twitter",
   "type": "doc"

I did it without the type in destination. Couldn't find any documentation on this. The reindex documentation is rather bad. There is no overview about what is allowed in source and destination

Anway, I will give it a try. Thanks.

The reindex documentation is rather bad.

It can happen indeed. That's why we love when our users send documentation PR :slight_smile:

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