How can i connect to my elasticsearch cluster from another machine?

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I want to connect my elasticsearch cluster from another machine i went through some documentation where they had mentioned that i had change thenetwork.bind_host : 0 .But i didn't find the network.bind_host in my elasticsearch.yml . I got only Even i tried it by giving as :0 but i cant able to connect from another machine. And i also tried removing ## before :0 which throws an error when starting elasticsearch cluster.

When i am connecting from another machine i have to give http://clustermachingip:9200 right?
Can anyone please help on this problem?


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Beware of spaces.


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Thanks..for your suggestion..
That means you are saying that by giving :0 in elasticsearch.yml i can able to connect from remote machines .

Is the above command for connecting to elasticsearch cluster from remote machine is correct?
Correct me if i am wrong..


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Something like:

Should work. But look at your logs. It will tell you why it can't start in case you are missing some important configuration settings.

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