How can I debug a plugin in an IDE?

I used gradle idea to import the elasticsearch source to IntelliJ and now can run and debug the source. Now I want to start my elasticsearch instance in IntelliJ with a plugin installed(for instance the jvm-example from master) in the same project. How can i do this ?

There are actually 5 options I can think of:

  1. Write a unit test (extends ESTestCase). These run in your IDE no problem.
  2. Write a semi-integration test (extends ESIntegTestCase). There also run in your IDE no problem.
  3. Use gradle run --debug-jvm. For jvm-example you need to do gradle :plugins:jvm-example:run --debug-jvm. That will start Elasticsearch for remote debugging and wait until something connects on port 8000. You can just interact with Elasticsearch with CURL.
  4. Write an integration test (extends ESRestTestCase). These run in your IDE by first starting Elasticsearch like in step 3 and adding to the VM arguments for the test.
  5. Run all the integration tests with --debug-jvm. It looks like gradle :plugins:jvm-example:integTest --debug-jvm. This is just like number 3 except it kicks off the integration tests as soon as you unblock Elasticsearch.
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