Cound not run org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.Elasticsearch(v8.12.0) directly in Intellij Idea

Hi guys:
with elasticsearch version 7.16.0, I can run org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.Elasticsearch directly in Intellij Idea.The configuration of Intellij Idea is as follows:

However, with elasticsearch version 8.12.0, I found it didn't work.
It seems to be blocked in the following code:

            var in = new InputStreamStreamInput(;
            args = new ServerArgs(in);

Is there something I am not configured correctly?

Hi Henkel,

I'm somewhat surprised this ever worked, it certainly wasn't intentional. The developer docs describe the way we expect folks to run an Elasticsearch node in a debugger:

If you want to run and debug Elasticsearch from your IDE, the ./gradlew run task supports a remote debugging option. Run the following from your terminal:

./gradlew run --debug-jvm

Next start the "Debug Elasticsearch" run configuration in IntelliJ. This will enable the IDE to connect to the process and allow debug functionality.

(also we're not all guys here :slight_smile: )

Hi DavidTurner,
Thank you very much for your reply. it works for me

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