Best way to learn Elasticsearch internal


I am new to Elasticsearch and fond of this system. I would like to learn more about internal design and motivation behind such design.

I did follow some of youtube videos or blogs which covers the bottom up design. I came to know design of shard, index etc. But I would like to learn more on this.

I would appreciate your help to point me to rooadmap or resources to learn more about Elasticsearch.



I'm afraid that the question is too vague to be answered. Anything specific you'd like to know?

I am seeking for detail architectural design that can help me understand the purpose of each of module.

I don't think there's such a document.

By any chance, do you have UML for it?

No there's not I think.

May it possible to get some of your time to learn some things on Elastic Search? I am struggling to run in debug mode on Intellij. I would appreciate your help on this.


That's another question. Could you open a new question and provide what you are doing and what are the error messages?

I have posted earlier this but no response on that yet. Please can you help me on this.

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