Fixing bugs on Elasticsearch code

Hi Folks,

I would like to fix some issues, I cloned the repo from Github and the build was fine using Gradle.

I tried to run the main method at org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.Elasticsearch#main but i am struggling with configurations...

So, the question is, how to run Elasticsearch using IntelliJ ? Is there any Wiki for developers? Is there any default launcher or any easy way to run my changes?

Dennys Fredericci

I generally don't run Elasticsearch directly from the IDE, because you can only really run a single node like that which misses all the multi-node fun :slight_smile: and it generally expects to run as a standalone application so it's probably tricky to get it to work.

TESTING.asciidoc describes some ways you can run a node. Remote debugging works, so you can start a node (or a whole cluster) from the command line and then attach the debugger later. Personally I don't often do this, I mostly use the IDE to run tests. The test framework is very featureful - some tests go so far as to start a whole cluster of nodes within a single JVM - and I find this a good way to explore things.

Hi David,

Thank you for your quick answer,

Yeah looks like a really useful page!

Let's see :slight_smile:


It is aliveeeeeee :smiley:

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