How can I delete a closed index with curator?

Not sure I need to add any more than the topic sentence? My intention is to close indexes > x days old then delete them at some later date. This is log data...

Only two actions may be taken against closed indices: Opening them, and Deleting them and Deleting a closed index results in Elasticsearch briefly re-opening the index (under the hood) and then immediately deleting it. (see note below).

You select them via filters just like you would any other indices and use the delete_indices action (if you're using Curator 4).

Edited: It turns out this old dog has been misinformed. Deletes do not re-open indices. I don't recall where I picked up this bit of misinformation, but it turned out to be incorrect. I apologize for spreading misinformation. Thanks @Clinton_Gormley for asking @Boaz_Leskes to check the code.

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Thanks, using dry-run I saw this log entry and assumed it meant that it wouldn't delete closed indexes:

2016-07-29 20:32:17,951 INFO (CLOSED) indices may be shown that may not be acted on by action "delete_indices".