How can I easily use Elasticsearch libs jars (grok, dissect) in Java code?

Hello, All -

I'd like to use Elasticsearch's versions of dissect and grok in my Java code. There doesn't seem to be a Maven dependency which provides this. I've managed to build the libs using gradle but I'd prefer to get the latest versions automatically when I update our Elasticsearch dependencies. We're currently on the 6.x series. Any tips or advice besides packaging this stuff up myself or using someone else's forks/versions?

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  • Luke

While I understand your dilemma in not wanting to reinvent work that already exists in the open source world, Elasticsearch is an application, not a library. grok and dissect are internal implementations meant for the Elasticsearch server; the java apis can and do change. For this reason these jars are not published. If you want to use them in your system, you will need to build and integrate this on your own, but the fact you can do this is the beauty of open source!

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