Java client, which libraries, packages

i try to get started with Elasticsearch development in java. Alas still no javadoc as far as i can see and the source examples are quite confusing. No mention of used libraries, not even package names.
For example, i have many *.jar under /usr/share/Elasticsearch/ but which one provides the class ElasticsearchTransport? I tried some which had a transport in their name, but none seems to provide that class (transport-netty4-client-7.17.0.jar, transport-nio-client-7.17.0.jar).
How can i find the package names and the libraries? what should i have read?
I am a bit old fashioned but currently i use make & vi :wink:

Thanks a lot!

If i know which jar-file i can easily get the package name but just searching google for the class name e.g. "ElasticsearchTransport" did not help me.

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