Is the transport Java API open source too?

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I'm trying to find the source for the transport client I use in my java app. Where is it located in github?


Looks like when I'm pulling in TransportClient from maven I'm really pulling down, Elasticsearch.jar from the client project, PrebultTransportClient from the client project, transport-netty3-client and transport-netty4-client from the modules project, lang-mustache-client and percolator-client. If I wanted to modify the TransportClient I would have to build out the elasticserach-core project to pull it into my project.

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And you can start here:

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Ah, that's great. I just built it. Thank you!

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The trouble with the transport client is that it is the same code as the elasticsearch server. This means that it makes decisions that aren't really right for a library. For instance, it uses log4j2. Not slf4j or some other logigng abstraction. It uses log4j2 directly. Anyway, that is why we're so keen to make a useable java client. Or, at least, we've been keen on it in the past few months.

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I see. That explains why I had to add log4j to my test project. Thanks!

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Is this the same TransportClient that I have in my Java Project. It looks like it's just the pre-built Transport client.

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So If I modified the TransportClient in elasticsearch/core, how would I build it use in my Java Project? Does any of these projects build out a jar that I get from maven repo? ie:


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The answer depends on your modification. What did you modify and why? Just out of curiosity.

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