How can I Exclude indices from elasticsearch snapshots

I need to exclude a few indices from an elastic snapshot, in the documentation for snapshots , they mention you can include what indices you need, but I need it another way around because I need to snapshot all indices except a few.

Snapshot syntax supports multi-index syntax, Hence you can exclude them with - before indice name.

Please let me know the curl command for taking snapshot

Thank you

Hi @nuwan
Can you provide the curl command which you used or tried to use?

curl -XPUT ""

curl -XPUT ""

@nuwan Thank you.
I think you can do this as you mentioned with -
It should look something like this.

curl -X PUT "localhost:9200/_snapshot/my_backup/snapshot_2?wait_for_completion=true" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
"indices": "-index_1,-index_2",
"ignore_unavailable": true,
"include_global_state": false

This command should exclude index_1 and index_2
Thank you for the feedback if this worked for you.

Thank you very much I will let you know the status once I test it.

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