How can i filter the deleted records from Kibana Dashboard

Hi All

I am using jdbc logstash plugin to post data to elastic. At this stage i have logstash ON and refresh every minute

I am getting all the new records and the updated to ES/Kibana but the deleted record is showing in ES when i look for indices.

How to see the deleted record in Kibana, any idea?
Is there way to filter deleted records in Discovery?


Are they tagged/marked as deleted in anyway?


When i posted data for the first time using jdbc logstash input pligin the RDBMS table is having 36 records which stores very well and deleted it shows 0

When i deleted only record from the source, the logstash jdbc automatically updates the deleted record , that i am able to see in the index status. But if you see in below screen the record count is still 36 , but the deleted part is 7. I have deleted only one record

How can i see the deleted record in Kibana?
How can i really check that flag is deleted from Kibana report?


Ah right. That's an ES concept and you cannot see those docs, even in ES.
It comes back to how the underlying lucene engine works with the segments and shards.