How can I get all the fields and rows of the most recent write from Elastic with essql?

I have employee records, (say name, dob, address) and a timewritten field, which is time converted to seconds.
This data is written to my index every 5 seconds. Suppose there are 5 records.
Run 1 will write employee records with timewritten as 10 for example.
Run 2, after 5 seconds, will write employee records with timewritten as 15.
And so on.

What is the SQL I can use to get all records of the most recent (max) timewritten?
I'm trying this on Kibana Canvas, where JOINs and IN is seemingly not supported.

You can try using the following

query="SELECT ...
FROM index_1
ORDER BY timestamp DESC"
| math "first(employee_unique_identifier)"
| render

As I said, ALL the records with all fields of that single timewritten value, not a single one. And definitely not a single field.

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