How can I get percolation to work?

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Newbie question, I am not very clear on how percolation works.

I have a transportclient using JAVA API, I indexed about 50,000 docs.
My docs have the following


title = t,
content = this is a long content,
create = created date,
author = Mike

From Sense Client, I did

PUT myIndex/.percolator/1
"query": {
"match_phrase": {
"content": "sky diving"

So the above registers the percolator, and now I want all the documents that match this query, In other words, give me all the documents that have sky diving in it's content field? Am I missing something?

GET /myIndex/medidoc/_percolate

It returns this? Its asking me to supply a document to percolate, I have seen in the tutorial, but I don't understand it. What is the document like, what if I don't want to provide a document?

"took": 38,
"_shards": {
"total": 5,
"successful": 4,
"failed": 1,
"failures": [
"index": "myIndex",
"shard": 2,
"reason": "BroadcastShardOperationFailedException[[myIndex][2] ]; nested: RemoteTransportException[[node-2][inet[/]][percolate/s]]; nested: PercolateException[failed to percolate]; nested: ElasticsearchIllegalArgumentException[Nothing to percolate]; "
"total": 0,
"matches": []

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