Percolation questions

I have couple of questions on percolation:
Quick preview to my system: I am using Java transport client/Bulk Processor
to index about 5 million docs to index that lives on AWS cluster. Our
webapp interacts with index for searches.

I would like for the users using our webapp to receive alerts/notification
whenever there is a match against the users "stored searches" or interests
if you will. So, I feel percolation is what I need. The questions I am not
sure about yet:

  • If I have 1000 users, does this mean I need to register 1000 different
  • Can I percolate while indexing/updating index? A common use case for us
    would be that docs change daily, I would like to be able percolate right
    then and there when indexing new doc. Can this be done from Java
    API/transport client? is there an example somewhere?


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