Indexing and percolating documents in bulk

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I want to index documents in bulk, but also have percolate run across the documents. I don't see any percolate information returned from the bulk call.

I would prefer to not send my documents to the server twice (once to index and once to percolate), nor gather the IDs from the index and post those back for percolating.

So, can I get percolate info when using bulk?

It's referenced in an old post that it's possible, but I didn't get enough of a clue to track it down.

Ultimately, I'd like to do this in the ruby API, but if the engine doesn't support it, clearly the API can't either...

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@Igor_Motov, that original posting (to which I can't reply because of the new forums) was yours. Can you comment on my followup question here? Thanks!

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A new SO post says that Elasticsearch doesn't support this anymore. Time to go hack a work-around and hope the cluster doesn't die.

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