How can I get the count of all indices?

And is there a way to configure whether to include the default system indices, whose names start with a dot?


You can use the _cat API.

Something like:

curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices | wc -l

You can try something like:

curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices/*,-.* | wc -l

Not tested but I think it should exclude indices starting with a dot.

Got something like this:

Doesn't look like it has the index count value though.

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Here, I think the number of indices is 9, right?

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Seems like correct. But what does the *,-.* mean in the second command? The first command seems to list all indices, including the system ones, while the second to list the ones that I created. But what's the meaning of those symbols in the path? Any document?

It means

* (All the indices), -.* (But not the indices that start with . Which are system indices)


For anyone looking for elaboration of the pattern string, I found this link for reference.

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