How can I get the wkB/s reported by iostat

I am using elastic integrations to collect disk statistics

I would like to plot amount of data read and written (rkB/s , wkB/s ) but I am running into some issues. When collecting system metrics with elastic agent..

system.diskio.write.bytes: The total number of bytes written successfully. On Linux this is the number of sectors written multiplied by an assumed sector size of 512.

When I monitor my system through the terminal this number only makes sense if a divide it by the report interval. So I assume its a counter that is reset at every interval. I would like to understand if this is the case and how I can graph it to derive the metrics. With lens, it is not immediately clear how to proceed.

With the beta linux integration, I get per-disk IO statistics which has my metric, but it is including all loop devices, which I do not want. So, I am trying to figure out a way to get the iostat data relevant to the disks I want to monitor.

With either approach is there documentation or a tutorial that can point me in the right direction? Its not intuitive to me how to proceed

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