How can I have "auto" interval option for all the date type fields


I am using Kibana 4.0.1. I noticed that when I generate Date Histogram, the chosen date type fields common interval values only have the options like minutes, hourly, daily, etc.

But when I choose the date type field as "Time-field" in the step of "setting" -> "Configure an index pattern", then I have the choice of "auto" interval for this field.

How can I have "auto" option for all the date type fields?

(Spencer Alger) #2

Unfortunately that's not possible. The "auto" interval works by analyzing the time range that we expect to find data. This is currently done by looking at the timefilter and saying "the time filter covers 10 hours, so we should use a 15 minute interval". The other time fields in your index pattern are not being filtered though, and should represent a totally different time range, so we can't auto bucket.


Thank you for prompt reply.


Is it possible to use time filter for multiple date type fields?

(Spencer Alger) #5

unfortunately it is not

(Jared Kauppila) #6

So with my log data, I add date fields that contain the time when they were shipped, routed to the correct queue within RabbitMQ, and indexed. I want to create a line chart visualization that displays the total # of events and then split lines for the shipped/routed/indexed times.

Would it not be possible to specify 'Auto' interval for the @timestamp field, and have the split line sub-buckets inherit the interval that it defines for itself?

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