Is it possible to disable Date Histogram auto scale in Kibana visualization?


I am using Kibana 5.0.0. I am trying to create a line chart, and I would like to have Date Histogram in X- Axis. I use @timestamp field for that and I have selected interval Auto and it works fine. When I try to make it in Seconds, the graph's interval changes to minute sice it creates too many spikes. I have a date field logtime which I am targetting to @timestamp in Logstash, so that both of them have same data in it. If I select logtime instead of @timestamp for date histogram, then it creates a graph with spikes (without auto scaling to minute). Why is this happening? Is it possible to disable this autoscaling feature for Kibana visualization?

Below are the screenshots.

with auto interval

with seconds interval


@elasticheart it's not possible to disable this functionality currently, as when too many buckets are created it can crash your browser. You can alter how this functionality works by going to Management -> Advanced Settings and adjusting histogram:maxBars to be a higher integer.

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