Default Settings - Date Histogram - Line Graphs


I have some dashboards created to represent our sales. Right now i have 30+ days of data pumped into ES Hosted Solution.

We've provided the Kibana Dashboard to let management team see the data and have ability to change the timeframes.

Just so i'm clear, i do recognize in visualization setup. I can set leave this as auto or set a specific value. However, I'd like the auto option to scale better depending on the date range. e.g. if i use last 30 days see it as per 24 hours vs 12 hours by default.

Auto seems to work well for smaller date ranges but no for bigger date ranges. More detail below with a use case


If Executive looks at the dashboard and has a date range of 30 days selected, by default kibana shows the results in 12 hour increments. I'd like a way to override this to 24 hours so we can show the trends better.

However, if i set this to scale by date, if someone selects last 15 minutes, the scaling then looks funky e.g. i see one big blob.


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