How can I host elastic search(5.3.3) on https?

Not able to find an proper solution on this can anyone help me stepwise how to do it?

Did you look at x-pack (commercial)?

Without X-pack is it possible because I am doing some ajax call to elastics search from backend x pack may cause authentication error

I don't understand sorry.

Do you mean that you have x-pack already?

I haven't installed x-pack
I am asking without x-pack is it possible to host elasticsearch on https

May be with a reverse proxy on top of elasticsearch? But I'm not sure.

Ok If I install X-pack,Will i get elasticsearch on https?

Yes. You need to read the doc like

How to generate these files


I'm moving your question to #x-pack where you can get help about x-pack.

I really recommend that you read the documentation though. Start here:

There are links that explains that.

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