How can I increase React App Search UI to show more than 10,000 records and 100 pages?


I've got an Elastic Search instance with over 10,000, it's about 200,000 records.

I tried to use elastic/react-search-ui
But at the top it says "Showing 1 - 60 out of 10000", when there are in fact 200,000 records, and also I can only go up to page 100, where it will show "Showing 5941 - 6000 out of 10000".

Is there a way to unlock this limitation, mostly for SEO it is important that crawlers will be able to navigate to all 200,000 pages through this page.

In modern versions of elastic, by default, it is impossible to get more than 10,000. Controlled via index.max_result_window

It is worth noting that this is NOT an exact value, but an approximate one.

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For deep pagination you may want to look into the search_after parameter. For older versions of Elasticsearch we recommended the scroll API.

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Unfortunately App Search does not support pagination beyond 10k results. See this link for more information Search guide | App Search documentation [8.12] | Elastic

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