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I have seen this question pop up a few times and want to throw my hat into the ring to ask for pagination to go beyond 100 pages. I am the Lead Software Engineer on a suite of apps for Kidney Researchers to understand Kidney disease and hopefully find treatments. As such, my team and I are creating applications that allow our users to view the large amount of data that is being generated by many scientists throughout the US.

At the moment we have over 4000 files of data users can search and download and we are using Enterprise Search in order to facilitate our faceted search and populate our table of results. The number of records is constantly growing, and is expected to grow at a much faster pace now than in the past, so in future releases we will keep getting more results, and it is likely that a user may want to see more than 100 pages of results at a time.

Thanks in advance!
Becky Reamy

Hey Becky,

thanks for the feedback!

Other customers have gotten round this challenge using filters more effectively and narrow down the results to be more relevant to them. Also tweaking relevance so recall is more relevant to what they are searching for.


Unfortunately, that will not be an option for us as we are getting more data all the time, and we will absolutely go over the 100 page limit when users filter down to the data they are interested in. Especially if they decide to show 10-20 items per page.

We do provide a fair number of filters for our users, but there are often use-cases where the user does not want to narrow their search any further because they are looking for masses of data to do analyses on, so asking them to filter down to a smaller section at a time is onerous for our users.


@rlreamy Thank you for the question and feedback. We appreciate it, and you're not the first person to run into this issue.

You may be interested in Search Applications. While this feature just launched in 8.8.0 as tech preview, search applications will allow unified search experiences that leverage Elasticsearch's underlying capabilities - in this case, you'd be able to support pagination through Elasticsearch's configurableindex.max_result_window setting.

If you do decide to check out search applications for this purpose, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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