Regarding Result Pages Limit

Hi Guys,
I am using the app search service in my project and i have hosted app search on my environment.
I have set the limit of 20 pages per page and it is not allowing me to search after 100 pages and showing error - 'Page contains invalid option: current; must be less than or equal to 100'

Is that any way apart from increasing the results per page. Like app search premium plan or any configuration in code etc ?

Hi Rohit,

The App Search API itself is limited to return only 100 pages of results. This limit is not configurable.

Newer versions of Search UI cap the max pages at 100 to prevent this error, but there is no way to exceed 100 documents per page * 100 pages total results.

From what I've experienced, it's pretty rare that users click past the first page of results. And even rarer to go beyond the first few pages, let alone beyond 100.


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