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When i try to list documents with a page size of 1000, the server always returns only 100 documents.
Tested with curl and python client:

curl -s -X GET 'http://server/api/as/v1/engines/gap/documents/list' \  
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \                                 
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer private-XXX' \         
  -d "{\"page\": {\"current\": 1,\"size\": 1000}}"


data = self.client.list_documents(self.engine, current=page, size=1000) 

Am i doing something wrong or may this be a bug?

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There is a limit of 100 for page size in App Searh.

Okay, good to know.

I read it like there would be 100 pages of 1000 documents each:

What is the "Results per Page" row then referring to?
Maybe you could clarify that in the docs.

Ah interesting. Yes, that documentation looks misleading. We'll update that, thanks for pointing that out.

Ah, I see now. Just to clarify, the limit is 1000 for our search endpoint. For every other API endpoint, the limit is 100.

Oh, thanks for the clarification.

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