How can i make my plugin an default plugin

(Karthikeyan) #1

I like to display my plugin when the user launches 'http://localhost:5601'.
i.e.. I want to display 'http://localhost:5601/app/myApp' as home page

and I dont want my user to go to default Kibana page (i.e http://localhost:5601\app\kibana#\discover).

I am new to ELK.. Please help me on this.

Load custom plugin as default
(Court Ewing) #2

You can set a default app in your config/kibana.yml. Just uncomment this option and change it to your app name:

(Chris Weed) #3

This doesn't work in version 5.2.2. I've attempted to set my custom app plugin to be the default but it seems to put that app name into the hash:


Instead of:


Is default app as an app plugin supported?

(system) #4