How to redirect the kibana home page to custom plugin

I want to change the kibana startup page to my plugin UI,It's possible?

when visit http://localhost:5601/
the kibana may redirect to http://localhost:5601/utz/app/kibana#/home?_g=()
now i want to redirect to http://localhost:5601/utz/app/my_plugin_name ,
this address is my custom plugin create by "node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin_name",

I event to try to use the kibana.defaultAppId in the kinbana.yml,
but find that this only for the app address start with "http://localhost:5601/utz/app/kibana"
so i don't know how to config this .

some body know this ?thank for you reponse!


Do you have access to the plugin source? Then maybe this is worth looking at: How to redirect my a request on (localhost:5601) to my custom developed plugin?

Best regards

Thank for reply;
Yes,this plugin is myself create by "node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin_name",
it work well when visit http://localhost:5601/utz/app/my_plugin_name;
and now i want to set this plugin as homepage .

There is an advanced setting defaultRoute you can use for this:

En,that great;
thank you for response;

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