How to get Kibana Source Code for finding home page URL redirection?

Dear All,

Due to some security limitation in our project we have to redirect out kibana base url to dashboards page directly.
For Example : Kibana URL is when I will access it should be redirected to dashboard page

basically I want to add kibana#/dashboards instead of kibana#/home (currently it is redirected to home page

I am tried to searching many .js file in Kibana folder to change kibana#/home link to kibana#/dashboards but didn't succeed .

Kindly suggest how to navigate to dashboard when I will type kibana Base URL instead of Home page(Default).

Note : I have tried to redirect with apache Web server but due to "#" symbol inside kibana#/home it is unable to read same (# is fragment anchor tag only processes at client side )

In your kibana.yml file change the kibana.defaultAppId setting from "home" to "dashboards".

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