How to change home link?

I have several disparate containers doing data collection with both logstash and filebeat. Each of these has their own set of visualizations and dashboards. I have created a dashboard that has icons/links to the "overview" dashboard for each. However, once in the respective dashboard, I would like to have the "Home" link (upper left hand corner of nav bar) go back to the dashboard that I have built with the icons/links.

I have changed both
with the appropriate link (replacing /app/kibana#/home with my link of /app/kibana#/dashboard/3548db90-cc62-11ea-918e-c778f7abe5d7) and deleted the optimize contents and restarted (container) but it still points to /app/kibana#/home when it comes back up.

I saw there was a similar question from 2018 on here but they wanted to change it via an Advanced Setting and the answer was "file an enhancement" I don't believe that has been done - maybe it has and I just can't find it?


Hi @sdndude

There is an open issue regarding custom home route improvements and explains how it works today.

Regards, Dzmitry

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