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I know earlier (in 4.4 version), we didn't have the option to set a dashboard as a home page in Kibana. Is it still unavailable?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Brit


that's possible by now. You can use the defaultRoute setting in Management > Advanced settings to set it to a path of your choice. Simply go to the dashboard you want to see and copy it in there (just the path, not the host).

Thanks for the response, Joe.
But unfortunately this didn't work.
The Default route is working but it is appended with a suffix "/home" which routes it to the home screen.

I tested this locally and everything is working fine for me. What value did you put in there?

Hi Joe,

Please find the details of my scenario with screenshots below:

This is my "desired" home screen(Dashboard with id "8ba8f810-74e9-11ea-b981-61c6a25f1434")

I have applied the default route as =>

But when I provide default address "http://localhost:5601/", this is what I finally end up with =>

I do not see my desired dashboard.

Thanks in advance.


You are missing a # in there: It should be /app/kibana#/dashboard/...


You saved my day.
Thanks Joe for your time.
Appreciate it.


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