How to redirect my a request on (localhost:5601) to my custom developed plugin?

I want to redirect the user to custom HTML page before taking it to the kibana home page.
The flow will be like a user will hit localhost:5601 and it should go to my custom homepage before going to the kibana homepage.


If the page you're trying to direct users to is itself a Kibana plugin, you can intercept the request and redirect the user. You'll need to track state somehow, probably with a cookie, to control when a user does and does not get redirected to your plugin.

The kibana object in a Kibana plugin's configuration allows an init property, which gets a reference to the server object. See the plugin template for an example. That server object is just the raw Hapijs server object. That object allows you to configure pre-route hooks that you can use to control the redirecting.

If you code is not actually a Kibana plugin, then I don't think this is possible.

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