How can i pull data from twitter to logstash


Hi All,

How can i pull data from twitter to logstash.
cocacola and its hashtag @cocacola

I wan't only pull data from cocacola hashtag.
Please give me step by step procedure.
I can able to pull data from twitter But i need data from particular hashtag.
For this i used below code in config file.

input {
twitter {
# add your data

	consumer_key => ""
	consumer_secret => ""
    oauth_token => ""
    oauth_token_secret => ""
    full_tweet => true		
    keywords => ["*"]
	full_tweet => true


output {
elasticsearch_http {
host => "localhost"
index => "twitter2"
index_type => "tweet"

(Mark Walkom) #2

You need to set something in the keywords, otherwise it will get everything.

See the docs for more info.


Hi warkolm

Thanks for your quick reply.
Even if i use keyword its only showing me the data where the keyword is present.

I need data into logstash like

I want to pull data whatever in the above url.

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