Twitter input plugin: only use keywords from specific follows

Hi! I'm new to the forum and almost new using ELK and I have some doubts about logstash twitter plugin
As far as I could test every option is exclusive, they use OR, I mean if I use the option follows with some twitter ids and the option keywords with some words the plugin gets all tweets from the configured follows plus any tweet from any account with the keywords indicated. Is there any way to get only tweets that meet both, i.e. tweets that contain any of the keywords and twitted from any of the follows.
And another doubt is about keywords, they refers at any word captured from the tweet or only at words into the tweet message itself?. For example, if I use the option full_tweet , can I get only tweets with a specific field?. In the case I just wanted tweets with an image in them (field "type" : "photo") is it useful use keyword => ["photo"] ?. Is there other way to be more specific? like keyword => ["photo", "type"] or keyword => ["type : photo"]

Thank you.

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