How can I share Xpack Graph in an iframe with filter

I want to show my kibana xpack graph in an external website like we do for kibana dashboard using an iframe.
I know there is a unique url for saved graph but I want it in an iframe with some filtering options.

is it possible ? I am using kibana 6.3.1

There is no share button on graph to auto-generate the iframe code snippet but I believe you can hack one together. Just grab the URL for graph and append the URL query parameter embed=true to hide Kibana's chrome in the iframe. Your iframe should look something like this

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I did tried that but it is showing the kibana side bar on the left.

I am also looking to pass a query(eg: query:(match:(CRD_NO:(query:'3619020079264847',type:phrase))) to the grah url. can I do that?

I want to pass a CRD_NO each time iframe is invoked and want graph to change as per parameter CRD_NO.

Thanks for the help.

I don't think there is a way to hide the left nav bar. You could create an enhancement request at

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