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I want to show my graph in my website, so I saved the graph to a workspace and then I copy the URI of the worksapce and put as iframe in the website:

" src="http://localhost:9876/app/graph#/workspace/9b7a48f0-25cf-11e7-b5ef-f1532b0bd674?_g=()&embed=true "
the "embed=true" is for hiding the menu.

the result is(without the red frame):

and I want to:

  1. hide the control panel (The object framed in a red frame)
  2. move the control panel to different location in the frame, because in this location it hides a large and central part of the frame

Is it possible? And if so, how to do it?

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We currently don't have a display-only type of UI that would offer this control.
I do have a prototype for GraphML file export that includes location information for vertices which might be of use if you want to render an image using 3rd party software in future.

For now there is a hack that looks to work in Chrome -

  • install the SVG Crowbar2 bookmarklet [1] in your browser

  • Load a graph workspace then click the bookmarklet to download an SVG image:

  • This downloads an SVG file but which looks to be corrupted so you'll need to do a minor edit using a text editor - find and remove all instances of the ,="" string.

  • Save the SVG and you have an image you can embed.

Hope this helps

[1] http://nytimes.github.io/svg-crowbar/

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Thank you very much!!!
You've been a great help to me!!!

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