How can I split fields

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I have a field that looks like that
lists: list1 list2
The number of lists is not defined, here it's 2 but it can be 3 or 4

I'd like to create new fields with new values
lists1 => list1
lists2 => list2

Do you know how can I do that ?

The syslog message looks like this
IP.43.144.37: disconnected after 11 seconds. lists: blockliste spamliste
And I have a grok rule that retrieves "blockliste spamliste"

I would like to make statistics regarding spam lists: the spam list that bloc the most spam mails.



First of all I would suggest to split by " " using mutate.

For the second step, here's a topic over iteration:
Iteration in Logstash

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Thank you for your answer, I will make some tests.

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