How can I sync data from mysql db to Elastic App Search?

How can I sync data from mysql db to Elastic App Search? Do I have to use normal elasticsearch?

Hey Rustin - you can use App Search or Elasticsearch. In most cases, how you plan on using the data dictates the best approach. If you intend on creating, for example, a user-focused search experience that makes it easier to issue full-text, typotolerant queries against MySQL data, I would suggest using App Search. In order to ingest that data, you will have to model your database data so to form documents (for example, if multiple tables can be joined to create a record, this may be a great strategy). Multiple language clients can help you ingest data via API along with your application logic. If you'd like to pull directly from MySQL from an application, you can use the JDBC input for Logstash, and output to App Search with the Elastic Enterprise Search output plugin.

On the other hand, if you are looking to use the data as a backbone to an application (say as a fast datastore), I suggest you use Elasticsearch directly. Once again, plenty of language clients to go around for this, and similar approach using Logstash if easier for you.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, I didn't know I can ingest from MySQL to Elastic App Search directly. I've been using JDBC -> Elasticsearch index and use Elasticsearch index as app search engine.

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