How can I use an "AND" for filters?

(tomer zaks) #1

Hi all,

I want to use an "AND" statement for the filters in the visualization section. This means that I want that show me a log if all filters fall. Now the filters work as an "OR" statement, this means that if a log does not fit only one of the statements it will not be shown.

Help will be great! :slight_smile:

(Tim Roes) #2

Hi Tomer,

the filters should actually work with an "AND".

I just tried creating two negated filters (since I understand you, you are trying negated ones), and only data that doesn't have the one value AND not the other is shown.

Could you provide some more info, what filters you are creating? Have you tried using the same filters in "Discovery" and check that the right documents return, before heading to visualization?


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