Need Dashboard filter to utilize "AND instead of "OR"

I have a server farm of 200 servers. I utilize a single dashboard and apply filters with multiple server names, then save it off to allow personnel to only see they servers they need to focus on for that time period. when I add the filters it uses the "AND" qualifier instead of "OR" and no files are seen. Is there a setting in Kibana 4.1 somewhere to address this?

As you note, filters are AND by default. Currently, that's the only option, and that's definitely the case in 4.1.

You can use the query bar (above the filters) to do your queries though, and use the OR syntax there. The query bar will use Lucene Query Syntax by default. If, instead, you put JSON in there, it will use the input as a query string query parameter, if memory serves me.

Granted, it's not as easy to use as filters, but it should enable you to share the information you need to.