Kibana Filtering

I have two fields Fname ( first name) Lname (last name). However there has been issue while data was put into the index and some places the Fname and Lname has been interchanged.
Need filter where User can filter based on either Fname is Alex or Lname is Alex.

You can do this from the query bar, the filter wizard will automatically do an and operation.

Fname:Alex or Lname:Alex

Thanks for the prompt reply.
have also provided option where filter can be- (star)name: Alex
and this works. Was wondering if there are any alternative options where users don't have to remember these filter. for eg. saving filter for multiple fields, - (star)name:* or Salary:* or day:*
where users can just put the value and search.

There isn't a way to pre-template it, but instead of querying the Add filter button can be used. These can be toggled on/off as needed

Is there any way where this add filter will be "OR" instead of "AND"?

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