How can I use standard SQL on text fields of elastic without using the specials SQL elasticSearch operators?

I would like to create SQL query on some text field (not keyword) for example "name" field and send that query to elastic server.

my problem is that I need to use the standard SQL language (not the MATCH and QUERY operators which are specials for elastic SQL) of text fields.

when I tried to use JDBC driver or when I tried to use high-level-java-client with "LIKE" operator I got the following error

  "No keyword/multi-field defined exact matches for [name]; define one or use MATCH/QUERY instead"

I also tried to use the translate API of Elasticsearch- but even there I couldn't use the "LIKE" operator on text fields only on keyword fields.

does anyone have any solution for me? I want to use the LIKE operator on text fields instead of the full text operators which are unique to elastic sql.

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