How can set when deploying elastic-agent via docker?


I have already setup elasticsearch, kibana and a fleet-server. They are all reachable and do get data from an elastic-agent running inside docker on another host.

I don't like the idea of mounting the docker socket directly into the elastic-agent container. To protect the socket from unwanted requests I want to use a haproxy container which currently only allows GET requests and will be configured to disallow everything unneeded in the future.

The docker integration has options in the kibana UI to set the docker socket path for the docker metrics. The metrics are working after I've set the path to tcp://docker-socket-proxy:2375, but there is no option to setup the path for the docker log collection.

After reading the documentation and some parts of the source code I thought that setting in the elastic-agent.yml should work, but it looks like the whole file is ignored after the fleet enrollment.

Is there any option I am missing? I haven't found anything in kibana or any documented environment variable for that purpose.

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