How can we add new nodes in cluster at runtime?

Hi Members,
I have a cluster using N nodes, to scale up my cluster I want to add few
more nodes at runtime without any downtime. Is there anyway to add nodes in
cluster using Cluster Update Settings?
I am using unicast for my clsuter.


The old nodes don't have to know about the new nodes. It's enough if the new nodes know about the old ones. They'll announce their availability to the new ones. Eventually you'll want all nodes to know about each other, but it's not a prerequisite of node additions.

And that happens automatically once the new nodes join! :slight_smile:

Sorry for responding to this old topic, but I wanted to clear something up:

Would it be best to set the hosts of new nodes to all current nodes?

Cluster with N1 and N2
New node N3 with hosts[N1,N2]
New node N4 with hosts[N1,N2,N3]
remove N2
New node N5 with hosts[N1,N3, N4]

Best practice is to have a set of master nodes (say 3, being sure to set discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes to 2) and specifying the unicast host list on every node as the three master nodes.

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That makes even more sense.
Thank you for the response.