How can we browse kibana url on https

I need to browse kibana url on https I have create certificate using command
./bin/elasticsearch-certutil http
I got cert file
and kibana key I generated
both I copied in kibana config folder

server.port: 8600 "GMUVMD27116-014"
elasticsearch.hosts: [""]

server.ssl.enabled: true
server.ssl.certificate: \kibana-8.5.3\config\kibana-server.crt
server.ssl.key: \kibana-8.5.3\config\kibana-server.key

above is kibana .yaml file
my file location is C:\Setup\kibana-8.5.3\config
I am using elastic http but want to use kibana https I made here
when I am running kibana.bat file nothing is happing log folder also empty
Can someone please suggest

what will the correct way for do this anyone can suggest @LizaD @Larry_Gregory @jportner

I want to make sure this is actually an https issue. If you remove the server.ssl settings, does Kibana start up correctly?

after ssl remove it is working fine I do not have issue with http
but i want to host in https kibana url
how can I host kibana in https please guide step by step
i need to browse kibana url in https

Thanks for confirming.

What happens if you change these to include the drive letter and enclose the values in quotes?

server.ssl.certificate: "c:\kibana-8.5.3\config\kibana-server.crt"
server.ssl.key: "c:\kibana-8.5.3\config\kibana-server.key"

If that doesn't work, then what happens when you also escape the slashes?

server.ssl.certificate: "c:\\kibana-8.5.3\\config\\kibana-server.crt"
server.ssl.key: "c:\\kibana-8.5.3\\config\\kibana-server.key"

i hosted elastic in http and want to host kibana in https is it possible?? @Larry_Gregory

Yes, did you try my recommendation?

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If this is the location for kibana then use

server.ssl.enabled: true
server.ssl.certificate: C:\Setup\kibana-8.5.3\config\kibana-server.crt
server.ssl.key: C:\Setup\kibana-8.5.3\config\kibana-server.key

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