Cannot setup Kibana with SSL


I am trying to change my Kibana setup to SSL. But I could not achieve it. What am I missing here? "HOSTIP"
server.publicBaseUrl: "https://HOST:5601"
server.ssl.enabled: true
server.ssl.certificate: /appbase/kibana/config/cert_els_0423.crt
server.ssl.key: /appbase/kibana/config/cert_els_0423.key

elasticsearch.hosts: ["https://MASTERSERVER1:9200","https://MASTERSERVER2:9200","https://MASTERSERVER3:9200"]

elasticsearch.username: "kibanauser"
#elasticsearch.password: "pass"

elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: PATHTO.CRT
elasticsearch.ssl.certificate: PATHTO.CRT
elasticsearch.ssl.key: PATHTO.KEY
elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode: "certificate"

  type: file
  fileName: /appbase/kibana/logs/kibana.log
    type: pattern

pid.file: /appbase/pids/
monitoring.kibana.collection.enabled: false
monitoring.ui.ccs.enabled: false

I keep getting this info message and can not open Kibana on HOST:5061 "Kibana process configured with roles: [background_tasks, ui]"

What version are you using ...

If 8.x that should be kibana_system user which has the correct privileges set

If you do not have that password you can reset it using this

From the elasticsearch home directory

bin/elasticsearch-reset-password -u kibana_system

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